Advantages and Disadvantages to Search Engine Ranking Checkers

Type in “my puppy has bugs” and you’ll not just figure out how to free your battling pet of its uneasiness, you’ll see you can have a cure delivered to your home or office, free sending, on the off chance that you “click here.”

This isn’t to say Google thinks nothing about you. It does. When you play out a pursuit on Google, in addition to the fact that it collects data about your inquiry question, it logs your IP google api keyword ranking and places a treat on your PC that tells Google your “perusing inclinations.” All for the sake of making your next hunt experience a superior one. For example, Google knows:

your IP address (on the off chance that you take your PC to the coffeehouse, your IP address will be unique in relation to your IP address at home)

where you’re physically found

who your Internet Service Provider is

what program and working framework you’re utilizing

the shading goals of your screen

your association speed

the rendition of Flash you have on your PC

Be that as it may, this kind of data isn’t particularly close to home. Google doesn’t know your name, who your companions are, that you like to climb and bicycle, that you read Ayn Rand and Anne Rice, that your political perspectives are confused, or what your status is. Would you be able to envision the sorts of focused advertisements Google would convey to you in the event that they knew these things?

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