An Overview of Australian Education System – Why Study in Australia?

Australia is one of the best study abroad destinations places in the world with Australian educational institutions enjoying a very strong reputation for excellence in the international marketplace and a highly innovative policy plan for the sector. You can enjoy the beauty of the Australian beaches, forests and outback whilst you earn your degree. The cost of living is very affordable and yet Australia has a standard of living that is among the highest in the world.

With the 3rd largest number of international students in the English-speaking world behind the USA and UK,Australia has become many students’ choice of destination for international study. Over 250,000 international students now study in Australia. Our Australian Education system provides more than 15,000 internationally recognized courses that are all of world class standard.

Australia is the world’s smallest continent and the certificate individual support largest island. It is like nowhere else in the world. It has an area as big as mainland of the United States but has a population of only 20 million people. The population is comprised of over 130 nationalities which makes Australia one of the most multicultural countries in the world. This broad ethnic mix has created a rich cultural blend of languages, fashions, architecture and cuisines.

Whether you decide to study at a university, English college, international school, TAFE College or vocational institute you will receive a high quality education ensuring future success in your chosen career.

The Australian education and training system has four main sectors: universities, vocational education and training,schools and English language training colleges

The Australian education system has been created to allow students to easily move along training pathways from one from one qualification level to the next. Additionally students can easily transfer from one institution to a new one.

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