Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as Lipo with fat transfer, is one of the procedures most performed. This is because today much like ancient times, the curves are imposed and there are few who can resist the temptation of a voluminous “booty”.

The buttock is lifted with the patient’s own fat, this is an approach which adds more fullness, projection and shape the buttocks area. This procedure involves a technique of selective liposuction bbl surgery, which removes fat from those areas where it tends to hide, and then is processed and transferred to the buttocks in multiple layers.

The popularity the Brazilian Butt Lift has acquired is because it provides dual benefit to the figure of those who perform it in a single surgery. First, liposuction removes fat deposits and improves cornering. Then fat transfer improves projection and shape of the buttocks for a perfect figure.

The possibility of increasing the size of the buttocks with fat itself has become the preferred choice of thousands of patients who have been able to fulfill their dream without fear. This is because the Brazilian Butt Lift has a lower rate of complications and a recovery much easier than other methods to increase the volume of the buttocks.

Using a patient’s own body fat to mold parts of the body, whether buttocks, breasts or face, is a very successful and very interesting process, because since there are no implants needed, there is no chance that the body will rejects it, that encapsulation occurs, or that something out of position. This has made the Brazilian Butt Lift a woman’s favorite.

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