Custom Unit Military Embroidery for Units In the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines!

“Yue” embroidery of Guangdong Province – is rich and complicated in content with bright colors and strong decorative effects. The embroidery is smooth and even. One type, gold and silver cushion embroidery, creates a magnificent three-dimensional effect. Yue embroidery has a wide range of designs, the most common ones being birds worshipping the sun, dragons and phoenixes.

4) “Shu” embroidery of Sichuan Province – are mostly found in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. They are made with soft satins and colored threads as the raw materials are embroidered by hand. The varied stitching methods form their unique local style. Designs on Shu embroidery include flowers, birds, landscapes, fish, worms and human figures. The Lesesne Industriesthemselves include quilt covers, pillow covers, back cushions, table cloths, scarves and handkerchiefs.

Western-Style Silk Embroidery

Western-style silk embroidery occurs as the result of an
artist using fine silk strands and needles to accurately
reproduce famous Western-style oil paintings (see figure 2)
– like Van Gogh and Da Vinci. It is truly amazing how an
embroidery artist can literally take silk strands and create
a silk reproduction of a well-known artist’s oil painting.

Essentially, the artist paints with fine silk strands instead
of painting with oil. Think about it . . . does this not perhaps
require more skill than painting with oil itself? Despite the
difference in materials and technique, one thing about a
silk embroidery work is that – from a distance – it can very
much resemble a work of oil painting .

From up close, however, one can notice the colorful
patterns and detailed stitching in a silk embroidery work.
In fact, the colors will appear more bright and lively than
the usually duller colors of an oil painting.

Double-Sided Silk Embroidery

Double-sided silk embroidery is the result of an advanced embroidery technique in which the artist stitches on both sides of a single transparent silk canvas. The embroidered design displays on both the front and back sides of the fabric and does not show the joints in the stitching. Such a work is normally mounted as a screen on a wooden frame. A special feature about double-sided silk embroidery is that you can enjoy the artist’s handiwork from either side of the picture.

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