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You are going to get one of the very fascinating Android gaming Application from this article today. The game about which I am talking here is “Harry Potter Wizards Unite Apk” for Android mobile phones.

About Harry Potter Wizards Unite

This game is based gaming on an adventure that offers real-world locations. Which means you are going to play in such areas and cities which exist really. It is all about magic and finding various kind of artifacts to win levels. This application is offered by Niantic, Inc. and it is developed by the San Francisco WB Games for the Androids.

The application is derived from the real story and series of Harry Potter. Most of the people are well aware of these series because they are very popular among all age groups. It is a story based on magic and the fight between the good magicians and the evils.

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Although it was announced by the end of 2017 almost 2 years ago. They had announced to launch the game in 2019 for top famous mobile phone devices like Androids and iOS. So, they have kept their words and succeeded to release in this year. Therefore, the latest Apk file of the software is now available for our visitors in this article. I have shared all the basic information regarding the game in this article.

Further, Hackingapks has shared the installation process that will help you out to install the Apk comfortably. I hope you will read and you will get to know what you are going to get from here.

The gameplay of Harry Potter Wizards Unite

You will see that his gaming experience is just similar to the Pokémon Go because it is developed by the same makers. Just like the Pokémon, it has brought the real locations from where you are supposed to start your exploration of the magical world. 

Here you are going to start a magical journey with the witches and the wizards from all over the world. Basically, there is a mystery of calamity which is leading to destroy the world of the wizard. Furthermore, there is a huge risk of taking over the magic world by evil forces. You are appointed as a special and secret task force to join the wizards to and save their world and good magic.

ScreenShot of Harry Potter Wizards Unite Apk

When you try to approach the outer world the maps that are available in the game shows you the footprints of magic. You can also see the material which you need to explore while going through the whole journey. All its graphics are 3D which gives its players a realistic view and helps them to find traces. Furthermore, it gives you a 360-degree AR view of the whole location. There are multiple locations where you can find the traces, artifacts, and foundables.

In order to return safely to the world of wizard while your journey you need to cast spells. When you will cast the spell then they will help you to get rid of those confusing fairy-tales around you. There are few other important things which are going to help you a lot in whole gameplay such as Inns, Portkeys, and etc. In order to find these kinds of stuff, you will have to keep your eyes open and be attentive. Because it is not an ordinary game it is a kind of puzzle where you have to take every footstep carefully and cleverly. Otherwise, you will get stuck into the traps of evils.

Key Features

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Apk has a lot of amazing features and it is a full package of fun that you are going to have. I have shared the key features of the game in this paragraph. However, there are much more than these so you can only know about those when you will play it. In order to play it, you will have to download the game. But first, let’s check out these basic features which I have pointed out for you guys.

  • It is free to download and play.
  • You are going to have high-quality 3D graphics with 360-Degree AR view.
  • It has been designed with AR technology which gives you a simulation of the real world and locations.
  • It is an online game that you cannot use it when you don’t have a network connection.
  • You can get log in with either your Google Account or Facebook account to save all your gameplay and records.
  • Multiple characters so you can choose your favorite one.
  • It has smoother and convenient controlling.
  • You are going to have a user-friendly and unique interface as well as layout.
  • There are tons of items available such as books, magical stuff, artifacts, and many others.
  • It also allows you to shop your desired stuff by using the In-App purchases option.
  • And there are many more features available to have fun in free time.

How to Install and Download Harry Potter Wizards Unite Apk?

This is the common question that people are asking now a day because it is not available in a few of the countries. That is why you are not going to have it in the Play Store. But fortunately, I have gotten the Apk file of this amazing gaming application and I have shared it with you in this article. I will now tell you about the installation process and how to download it.

  1. Scroll down to the end of this article.
  2. There is a button with this name ‘Download Apk’.
  3. Tap/click on it and it will start downloading automatically.
  4. Now go to settings of your Android mobile phones.
  5. Then open security option.
  6. Now you will see an option of ‘Unknown Sources’ so check to mark it or enable it.
  7. Go back to the home screen of your phone.
  8. Open File Explorer App.
  9. Find that folder where you have downloaded the Apk file.
  10. Click on that file.
  11. Click install option.
  12. Now wait for seconds to let installation complete and don’t turn off your devices.
  13. Now you are done and you can enjoy the game.
Basic Requirements

There are a few requirements which must keep in your mind before going to install the Apk on your Android mobile phones.

  • It is compatible with 6.1 and up version Android operating System devices.
  • You must need a stable and faster internet connection.
  • It requires GPS location enabled if you don’t allow it to use your location through GPS then it will not work for you.
  • Your device must have a RAM capacity of 3GB or more than that to run it perfectly.

Video Review of the Game


Currently, this game is available for selected countries and it is in the testing process. So, very soon it will be available for all the users from all over the world. But if you still want to download and use it with any VPN then you can get the Apk from here and install it on your devices. In order to Download the Latest version of Harry Potter Wizards Unite Apk for Android, click on below download button. 

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