How do internet ads work?

Most successful site owners and online publishers understand — in a general sense — how internet ads work. However, the advertising technology (adtech) space is extremely complex and can be difficult to understand. The intention of this is to break down exactly how web-based adverting works and to uncover the things that site owners and publishers can actually do to make more money without sacrificing their sites integrity.

In the text below I will show you how internet-based advertising and online ads generate website ad revenue, and why the adtech space is so complex and often dangerous for publishers.

I’ll further explain all the variables you can actually control to make money using ads on your site. If you have a website or are a site owner, I promise there is information below that will probably be new to you.

A basic summary of how internet ads work

Ads basically work like this, there are advertisers and there are publishers. Advertisers want to reach their desired audience with free classified site as efficiently and as cleverly as possible. There are millions of advertisers.

Publishers want to fund their publication and use ads to monetize their content and fund their overhead — much in the same way magazines used to sell ads in their magazines to support their costs. There are millions of publishers.

Everyone from the New York Times to part-time bloggers can be considered digital publishers.

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