Reasons Why Swimming Provides the Best Full Body Workout?

My students have been asking me on ways of maintaining their health and body mass index and what I do to contribute to my present health and body condition. I always replied swimming. I am always glad that I have taken swimming as parts of my daily activities. Lifeguard training Below are benefits you can take note.

1.Total body workout

Swimming is a combination of cardio and strength exercise. It utilizes the whole body muscle in order to propel forward against the resistance of the water. At the same time, your heart is working harder to ensure oxygen reaches to the vital muscles to make your body move. I always like to do 10 laps of 25 metres short sprints to build up my cardiovascular ability and strength physical aspect. Besides that, I feel that swimming assists me to build my muscle naturally which look nice without being massive.

2.Low impact workout

For those with lower back, knee problems or joint issues that cannot withstand the impacts associated with running, walking, and other forms of cardio, swimming provides a good alternative. Aqua jogging can be considered. The buoyancy of water assists the swimmers to manoeuvre faster. When the depth of the water reaches up to the chest level, the normal body weight is approximately 20 per cent thus the limbs can move faster and have less impact.Nowadays, some of the sport complex has introduced it as a group lesson. Through it, social circle can be widened and health condition can be improved too.

3.Weight Management

Research has shown that swimming help to burn up to nine hundred calories in half an hour as compared to an hour on the treadmill. Apart from this, temperature of the water also ignites the swimmers to burn more calories to keep themselves warm. However, swimmers must also take note of their meals after swimming. They should not encourage consuming more Lifeguard training  calories due to the vigorous swim that they have done.

  1. Social Circle

By taking part in swimming group class, new friends can be made and your social circle will be widened. Normally, in a group class, it will consist of eleven people including the swim coach. As each student come from different background, information will be exchanged and helps to enrich each other by communicating. During the lessons, classmate can always encourage each other during the lessons and assist to pin point each other incorrect techniques

I always find myself refresh after a swim. Maybe it is because of the water whereby it gives me calm and relaxes feeling. Swimming definitely benefits me and if you are still hesitating. I will encourage you to join us in our swimming adventure.Most importantly, you must have fun when you are swimming.




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