The Drum Funnel – An Essential Tool For Avoiding Spills and Splashes When Transferring Fluids

Do you ever need to transfer fluids from one container into another? What if one of them is a 55 gallon drum? What a mess that can be! Read on to find out more about how a simple drum funnel can get rid of that messiness factor.

Pouring liquids from one drum into another, or from any type of container into a drum can cause a big mess if you’re not careful. And sometimes, it can cause a mess even if you’re careful. However, with a simple drum funnel, you can cut down on that mess considerably.

And fortunately, whether your drums are open or closed, there’s a drum funnel available for you. They also come in various options. Some of them have screens, and others do not. Some of them even have a cover to keep dirt out when they are not in use.

The secret to reducing the splashing mess actually lies in how the walls of the drum funnel are designed. The higher the walls, the less there’ll be the danger of splashes. ultimate clickfunnels review So when you’re shopping for a drum funnel, be sure to pick one with high walls.

Still, sometimes splashes or drips just can’t be avoided completely. To prevent any problems, you may want to consider using an absorbent drum top pad as well. If you’re adding fluid to a closed head drum, you can simply place the pad underneath the funnel, and it will catch and absorb any splashes or drips.

To make sure the drum funnel you are buying is chemically resistant as well as protected against rusting, just make sure to pick one that comes from a reputable company. The good quality ones are usually made out of durable polyethylene, which doesn’t rust and, yes, it is chemically resistant as well. And good quality drum funnels will also help you comply with any federal and environmental regulations that may apply.

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