The guide for a one night stand


Learning how to have oral sex and how to apologize in a relationship, seem small things compared with the risks of one night’s adventure. There must be a guide for one-night-stands because one-night stands are complicated. The challenges involved are totally different from those you face in a sentimental relationship. Here is a guide for all true men that love one night stands, but are sometimes in a deadlock.


If you did not meet your temporary partner in a cellar or a cave where everyone was dressed in leather and latex, you do not have to ask her to tie you up or use electric shocks on your genitals. You should have some regular sex, even if you feel you want something more than usual. And so, you get into the world of unwritten and unwanted sexual limits. You should try to enjoy eachother and also enjoy multiple orgasms.

Dating App

Let’s be honest, these days, most often, we have sex with the help of such applications. How do you know a guy wants to have sex without obligations? Simple: You have been notified that he has changed its profile picture with one in which he posted his penis. How do you know if a girl wants to have sex without obligations? She does not, stay calm. Girls do not plan their sex time like that, they just realize the next day what happened. Almost everytime. So, if you want to have sex with no obligation, you should get an escort in switzerland. This way, you are sure she is not gonna call you the next day. Escorts always wait for you call, and they will spend as much time with you as you like. So, this is the perfect one night stand!


When you have sex with a person you have just met, the brain will trick you into believing that the person you just met at the club’s toilet is your soul mate. So keep in mind: this person is not your soul mate. Sex is sex. Sex is wonderful. The attachment is for emails.


In most cases of unintentional sex, there is a moment when you make a reality check – you usually smile in the mirror in the club’s toilet, and you are scared of what is about to happen. Here is the most important advice: at any moment you have the right to change your mind.


No jokes during a sex without obligations party. Really. The jokes are for the period before and after sex – when you try to seduce your partner or take her out of the house. But even the next day, do not think you got the ok to show your wonderful humor.

The second act

People who are passionate about one-night-stands are two-fold: those who make the most of their experience because they know it’s just happening once, and those who try to repeat the experience the next morning. Our advice: There is no point. The window for sex is between 11 in the evening and 6 in the morning. There’s no Swedish sex buffet, do not try to fill your plate at breakfast.


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