World Best Orphan houses

A child is like a raw clay no issue what the shape we will give it would mould accordingly. Child is most innocent and truthful being, he or she should be treated with great admiration and love, they have right to get best education, chance in society to grow as best citizen. They need protection from family to build confidence to face the globe and care to nurture their childhood. Unluckily, there are millions of children who are living without any care, support and roof. They are deprived of education and family and forced to live inhuman situation. Such helpless kids are known as orphan. An orphan is a person who has lost his or her parents and so he left alone and no one is there to take care for them. Best Orphan houses build in every country to take of these children’s. below we discuss world best orphan houses:

Holy Family Orphanage

In 1915, the Holy Family Orphanage was finally made and ready to support foster and raise displaced children all around the Canadian border. The very first kids that orphanage ever housed was 60 Native American children between the ages of about 8 and 14. Eventually, this number spread by leaps and bounds and start to add children of all ages, including babies and even older teenagers.

The interstate Orphanage

The Interstate Orphanage was a historic Orphanage at Charteroak Street 339 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The building in which it was placed is a 2 story brick building with a hip roof that has board caves, and one story flanking wings. A porch spread across 5 days of the front, with a brick posts and brick balustrade. The building was designed by Charles L. Thompson and build in 1928.

Today, not just does OOC provide an emergency shelter and full care, but also provide outreach programs, support services, and case management in both Clark and Garland counties.

Lincoln Colored Home

It is a 2 story brick structure with wood framing and interior floors. The roof is low-pitched hipped formation. The structure significance comes from the intimate link of this building to the history and lives of African Americans in Springfield. This building served orphan African American kids and elderly ladies at a time when the existing social service were not unlock to them. Realizing the need for such a facility, Eva Carroll Monroe job to established the house in 1904. It was the primary orphanage in the nation for black-and-white children.

Central Children’s Home

In August, 1883, the Colored Orphanage Association was made in Henderson, North Carolina by members of the Shiloh Association and Wake Missionary Baptist Association. The idea of a house was presented by Dr. Augustus Shepard who had become familiar with the big number of homeless and neglected kids by traveling all through the state.

In October, 1882, a form of 24 acres, placed one and one-half miles from Oxford, North Carolina on the Raleigh Road. The house was titled the “Grand Colored Asylum.”

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