World Best welfare foundations

Private welfare foundations have been long term supporters of funding to charitable organisations around the planet. In 2019, their power is being felt more than ever as for the 1st time private foundations have overtaken many of the administrations aid bodies as the largest donors to the non-profit sector.

All of these  Best welfare foundations listed work with organisation based in the country of intervention making them vital sources for a fresh partnership opportunities for your NGO.

The bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

This Foundation is based in the American and is reported to hold assets valued at more than $35bn. The foundation was setup by the Gates Family with revenues from their ownership of technology giant Microsoft and has grown to have a yearly healthcare budget larger than the WHO.

The foundation supports creative projects around the planet that are working to solve some of the world’s most pressing healthcare problems such as AIDS, HIV, Malaria, and Polio. It plans for the future contain targeting 150m of the planet poorest farming families in Sub-Saharan Asia and African to raise themselves out of property.

The Ford Foundation

This was established in 1936 with a primary gift of $25,000 from Edsel Ford, whose father Henry, founded the Ford Motor firm.  During its early years, the foundation operated in Michigan under the Ford family. The beginning charter of the Foundation declared that resources should be used for “educational, scientific,  and charitable objects” and it is in that spirit that the organisation continues.

Today, the foundation has is based in 11 countries around the planet and supports program in more than fifty countries.

The Children investment fund foundation

This is also called as CIFF, aims to demonstrably better the lives of kids in developing nations by achieving big-scale, sustainable impact. The foundation applies multi techniques to change environments in which live as a core technique. CIFF also works with administration around the planet to advocate change in place policies that will advantage kids and mobilise cost-friendly solutions. The foundation targets on 4 senior project areas: Hunger Alleviation, Climate Education, and Child Survival.

The John D and Catherine T Macarthur Foundation

This foundation support effective and creative institutions committed to building a more verdant, just and peaceful globe. The foundation works to protect human rights, improve global conversation and security, make cities amazing places, and know how technology is affecting society and kids. Thought the support it offers, the foundation fosters the development of knowledge, strengthens institutions, individual creativity, helps better public policy, and improves detail in the public policy, and offers details to the public, primary through support for public media interest.

The Rockefeller foundation

This foundation supports job that spread chance and strengthens resilience to economic, social, environmental, and health challenges.  Operating around the globe the Foundation has been active since its inception. From funding an unknown scholar title Albert Einstein to accelerating the force of investing industry,  the Rockefeller Foundation has a long tradition of improving the impact of institutions, individuals, and organizations working to replace the globe.

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